Intro to Queen Juana

Andres I of Anjou-Hungary, King of Naples and Count of Provence. It was the second surviving son of Charles I of Hungary and Isabel Łokietek .

In 1334, being still very young, he was given to Juana, daughter of Charles, Duke of Calabria (the eldest son of Robert of Naples), who was 3 years old. Roberto took the throne of Naples while his nephew was busy winning in Hungary. To keep the throne did Andrew Duke of Calabria, heir to the throne, and his death in 1343, Andrés and Juana married and were crowned kings of Naples of right.

This, however, did not sit well among the people and Neapolitans nobles; Juana did not want to share the throne. With the approval of Pope Clement VI, Juana was crowned as the only monarch of Naples in 1344. Fearing for his life, Andrew wrote to his mother Elizabeth who soon flees the kingdom. She intervened, and made a state visit; before returning to Hungary, where he asked Pope Clement to rectify and allow Andrew was crowned King. Andrew also gave a ring that is supposed to protect poisonings.

When he heard, the Pope rectification a group of noble conspirators (probably including Queen Juana) decided to refuse the coronation of Andrew. One day hunting in Aversa, Andrew left his room in the middle of the night and was caught and killed by the conspirators of Queen Juana.

The horrible death marked the reign of the Italian queen, who was accused of ordering the murder. Soon, the elder brother of Andrew, Louis I of Hungary led several military campaigns against Naples. In the end, 37 years later, Charles of Anjou-Durazzo, conquered Naples with the help of Hungary and Juana ended. She had traveled to Avignon to the papal ask forgiveness for his involvement in the murder of Andrew and subsequently had married three times since the death of Hungarian prince.

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