Thy Eye be True

Treasury of the True Eye of Dharma is the collection of Dogen Zenji of fascicles of Buddhism Zen , written between 1231 and 1253 – the year of the death of Dogen (Dōgen 2002, p. xi). Unlike earlier Zen writings created in Japan , the Kana Shōbōgenzō was written in Japanese language and not in Chinese . Other works by Dogen, as Eihei Koroku and Shobogenzo Sanbyakusoku are written in Chinese. The Shobogenzo Sanbyakusoku consists of more than 300 kōan (questions with no logical answer, intended to intuitive thinking), and is different from Kana Shōbōgenzō  other works.

There have been many comparisons to this work and Aesop’s Fables.


When reasoning is exhausted, body and mind fall away.

When the defilement of things is eliminated, the light first appears.

Endless blue mountains, free of even a particle of dust.

Boundless rivers of tumbling torrents, ceaselessly flowing.

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